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What Is a Mobile Mechanic & Why Prefer One Over a Dealership Mechanic?

One of the most frustrating life events for any hardworking individual is when their vehicle decides to break down. Not only does it throw a monkey wrench in your daily plans and job duties, but it can also place a significant dent in your monthly expenses. 

To avoid these common issues, several proactive vehicle owners have opted to work with professional mobile mechanics to complete basic maintenance and repairs vs heading to the local auto mechanic or expensive dealership.

In recent years, direct mobile services have given consumers the flexibility to have professionals come to their location – saving them time, money, and reducing hassle. A mobile auto repair technician is a trained and certified professional automotive technician, with a proven history of overall mechanical diagnostic, troubleshooting, and repair solutions.

The question many vehicle owners ask – is whether working with a mobile mechanic is better than a dealership. In most cases – yes; it’s a very smart idea. But, there are situations where deferring to the brand expertise of a dealership is the better course of action.

Let’s take some time to break down the differences between mobile and dealership repair services. In the information below, we’ll explain how a mobile mechanic service works, the benefits of working with them for maintenance and common repairs.

What is a Mobile Mechanic and How do Mobile Mechanics Work?

There has been a rapid growth of mobile-based services – from ordering food to pet grooming services that pamper your pooch at home. A mobile mechanic is essentially the same type of service provider. These mobile vehicle servicing providers are typically experienced automotive technicians, with a diverse background in general automotive diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair.

In recent years, several online-based mobile mechanic businesses have popped up. Most of them hire subcontractors who serve local communities, cities, or states. While this allows a company to grow rather quickly, it also introduces some less-than-desirable technicians who have not been background checked or have a proven record of ethical business dealings.

A business like Quiker has elevated mobile mechanics that come to you. Each of our technicians are in-house employees, who have been fully background-checked, are licensed, certified, and are dedicated to quality results with each service they provide. Plus, our reduced overhead cost allows us to pass savings to vehicle owners. 

The Benefits of Using Mobile Mechanic Services

Unfortunately, your car doesn’t check in with you to determine if it’s OK to break down. It typically happens at the most inconvenient time. Having the flexibility to contact and hire a professional mobile mechanic to complete vehicle maintenance or repairs offers hard-working and busy customers a more convenient and often affordable option.

Here are a few of the benefits of working with mobile mechanics that come to you.


If you have a job that has you moving in multiple directions, or kids at home that test your multitasking skills, a mobile mechanic gives you the flexibility to schedule one when you need them. Using mobile mechanics through Quiker gives you the flexibility to have them come to your home, office, or even a parking lot where you’re stranded. This isn’t an option with standard mechanic repair shops.

Saves You Time

When you book repair services through a mobile mechanic, it also helps you save valuable time. If you decided to take your car to the dealership or local oil change facility, it takes time to set up the appointment, drive to the facility, and wait for the job to be done. A mobile mechanic comes to your location, which permits you to continue working or taking care of kids or just relaxing on the couch!

Less Hassle

Most automotive services are maintenance-based. An oil change, tire rotation, or swapping out air intake filters can be done without problem or hassle by a professional mobile mechanic. Quiker’s team of experienced automotive technicians can complete maintenance or repairs with much less hassle than dealing with towing, working with rude tow truck drivers, or with local mechanic shops.

What Services do Mobile Car Repairs Offer?

Experienced ASE-certified technicians who operate as mobile mechanics have the same tools as brick and mortar facilities. This permits them to provide several of the same services – but from the convenience of your location.

Oil and Filter Changes

Your vehicle’s engine depends on clean oil to maintain lubricity and keep it running smooth and cool. It’s recommended to have the engine oil and filter changed every 5000 to 7500 miles. This is a simple service for a mobile mechanic to provide.

Engine Light Inspection

While routine maintenance and automotive service will help reduce the potential of damage, sometimes the check engine light will illuminate. If this occurs, you can trust an expert mobile technician to come to your location, download the trouble code that triggered the engine warning light, and help diagnose the issue – so the correct repairs can be made.

Brake Replacement

The braking system on your daily driver is designed to wear out over time. With most modern cars, trucks, and SUVs, the brake pads can be replaced without having to change the rotors. This can save you a tremendous amount of money – if you stay on top of replacing the brake pads before excessive damage to other brake components occurs.

Mobile Mechanics vs. Dealership Mechanics: What’s the Difference?

When you compare the services offered by mobile mechanics vs a car dealership, it breaks down to the complexity of the repair. If your car needs routine maintenance, or minor repairs, both the mobile tech and the dealership mechanic can complete them equally.

However, some differences between the two should be explained.

Major Repairs

A mobile mechanic specializes in completing routine maintenance and minor repairs like replacing an alternator, dead battery, or small automotive repair. When your car, truck, or SUV has suffered major damage, such as a blown head gasket, damaged transmission, or major suspension problems, this should be completed by a dealership.

Significant Electrical Problems

Another repair service that you should defer to a dealership is if your vehicle has electrical system issues. In most situations, these problems are very difficult to diagnose and repair – as each vehicle brand has its specialized diagnostic systems.

Warranty Work

If your vehicle has a warranty claim or a factory recall, you’ll likely be required to have a certified dealership complete these repairs. In the case where your vehicle is damaged and could be a warranty claim, this is another area that should be completed by dealers.

Need a Mobile Mechanic? How to Choose the Best Mobile Automotive Mechanic

As you can see, a professional mobile mechanic service can fix and maintain most cars, trucks, and SUVs with the same level of quality as a dealership or local shop. However, not all mobile mechanic companies are the same. Here are some tips on how to select a mobile mechanic service you can trust.

First – Make Sure Mechanics are Employees

Your safety should always be a top priority when choosing service-based contractors. One way to reduce the potential of any issues is to choose a company with in-house, salaried technicians. These companies will have completed due diligence to ensure each employee representing them is background checked, and not motivated by extra charges for services you don’t need.

Second – Do They Offer Flat-Fees?

There are many mobile mechanic online businesses that thrive by offering added services once the technician arrives. It’s the same business philosophy as the local mechanic shop or dealership. When a company like Quiker offers a flat-rate fee for the services you need, it helps to avoid the pressured upcharge.

Third – Do they Offer Clear and Transparent Communication?

While a mobile app is convenient for ordering pizza, scheduling automotive services requires a little more communication. When you contact any service provider, they should have a proven record of being open, honest, and quick to reply to your questions.

How Much Do Mobile Mechanics Charge?

Arguably the best advantage of working with an experienced mobile technician is the cost savings. Mobile service has less overhead than dealerships or local auto repair shops. This allows them to pass financial savings to their customers.

When it comes to answering the question - how much does a mobile mechanic cost – it varies. Pricing can vary mainly based on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, the cost of auto parts, and your location. But, on average, mobile auto repair services are much more affordable than a local shop. Plus, the time you save, and the convenience factor help to provide additional cost savings.

Quiker’s Mobile Mechanic Services

Quiker has simplified the process of getting your vehicle’s routine maintenance and minor repairs completed. You simply visit our website, find the service you need, and set up an appointment that fits your busy schedule. Most of our service pricing is flat-fee based – meaning that we charge the same for all vehicles.

Our technicians are OEM certified and ASE-master technicians. They only use high-quality replacement parts. This ensures your vehicle is properly maintained and keeps your warranty protections intact.

Final Points on Mobile Mechanic Shops and Home Car Mechanics

Booking your auto repairs through Quiker simply makes sense. Not only are our in-house technicians experienced, but they are extremely prompt, polite, and arrive in clean uniforms. Services are easy to book, which permits you to stay focused on daily tasks at work or home. Additionally, when you are stuck in a parking lot with a dead battery or other mechanical issues, our team can help save the day – without the hassles.


Should I use a mobile mechanic?

Absolutely. Working with a mobile mechanic not only gives car owners the flexibility they need, but it’s usually more affordable than most local mechanic shops and especially dealerships. It’s best to use a mobile mechanic for routine maintenance and minor repairs, like battery replacement or diagnosing a check engine light. 

Are mobile mechanics good?

Some mobile mechanics are exceptional. However, it’s important to do your research before hiring one. Some online businesses use general contractors to complete your repair work. It’s always best to work with a company with in-house employees, who have been background checked and have active ASE-master certification.

How much should a tune-up by a mobile mechanic cost?

Automotive tune-ups have changed in recent years to a la carte services. This is mainly since maintenance intervals will vary based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. When it comes to basic tune-up services, the pricing can vary – but generally, mobile mechanics will offer better value than local repair shops or dealerships.

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